Valve-Less Vacuum and Vent Block Sizing Form

Download PDF Valve-Less Vacuum/Vent Block Sizing Form

Information required for designing metal feed system, vacuum and process setup

Items marked with * required field

Customer :
E-mail :*
Phone :
Part Identification :*
System requested :* Vacuum  Venting
Material :* Aluminum  Magnesium  Zinc   Note alloy used
Chamber : Hot chamber  Cold Chamber
Machine Tonnage :
Manufacturer :
Machine shot cylinder dia. :*
Hydraulic system pressure :* psi.
Fast shot accumulator pressure :* psi.
Cold Chamber :*Dia.  Length
Hot Chamber :*Plunger dia.  Plunger stroke
Goose neck length :
Nozzle dia : Nozzle length :
Dry shot speed :* This is critical to design.
No. of cavities :*
Shot weight :* (w/o biscuit)
Through gate weight :* (Include part weights and overflows-vacuum)
Part weight / 's :* (w/o) , ,
Slow shot speed : IPS. if known.
Fast shot speed : IPS. if known.
Cavity fill time : ms. if known.
Total gate area :* in2.
Gate thickness :* in.
Any other information you feel will help in designing the metal feed system.

Note: We utilize PQ2 calculations to determine process specifications and metal feed system design. Without the above requested information, an accurate result cannot be attained.

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