FL-0016 Media Filter

The FL-0016 Media Filter utilizes wire mesh pads to catch metal particles, dust and liquids that pass through the vacuum block prior to reaching the tank and pump. It is recommended to place a FL-0016 Media Filter behind a FL-0803 Knockdown Filter in every vacuum system. Separate filters should be utilized for each press when multiple presses are connected to the same vacuum system.

Cleaning FL-0016 Media Filters is specific to process and system configuration, and should be conducted on both a regular schedule and as needed. Cleaning can be achieved by replacing the three wire mesh pads and cleaning the wire screen inside the body of the filter. If filters are not properly cleaned, they may clog and prevent proper function of the vacuum system within the casting process. For convenience, the FL-0016 has quick connectors at each end of the filter allowing for easy exchange of the FL-0016 to minimize press downtime. For safety, the FL-0016 is designed with a pressure relief valve.

WM-0392 Mesh Media (3 required per FL-0016)

MD-3562 Screen Filter

MID-154 O-ring

RV-0016 Relief Valve

QC-0016 Quick Connect Ends

*Please send back to: info@midlandtechnologies.com
*Please send back to: info@midlandtechnologies.com